10 Gifts for When You Don’t Know What to Get

10 Gifts for When You Don’t Know What to Get

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Yes, you can be the “really good at gifts” person you’ve always wanted to be. Consider this your shopping list for every gifting situation that leaves you stumped, from Secret Santa to hard-to-shop-for family members. You might pick up something for yourself along the way, too, because …’tis the season. Read on for our favorite picks.

1. The Last-Minute Host Gift

The Problem: You’re already on your way to a party and you realize you don’t have anything for the host — and you want something that doesn’t feel like an afterthought.

The Solution: Sommelier Selects Holiday Wines

Devon Broglie, our Master Sommelier, and his team hand-picked 21 wines for the holiday season. No matter if you buy a bottle ten days or ten minutes before the party, these wines — including reds, whites and some bubblies — are so special, they never feel like an afterthought.

2. The Gift for the Friend Who Doesn’t Want a Gift

Problem: You need a gift for that selfless friend who says, “I just want world peace this year.” Which is great and all, but you’re going to get them a gift anyway.

Solution: Feelgoodz Slippers

A gift that both pampers and gives back: These slippers are soft and plush, and they’re made with woven fabrics. Feelgoodz supports artisans from around the world who offer fair wages to their employees.

3. The In-Laws Gift

Problem: Your in-laws are the type of people who are always “just dropping by!” and you want to have a gift ready to go the next time they just happen to be in the neighborhood.

Solution: Boska Cheese Knives

The people behind Boska are cheese experts; they’ve been making cheese tools since 1896. A set of their beautiful cheese knives is an instant way to make any hunk of cheese look party-worthy. The set includes four knives, each with a different purpose, like a knife with a presentation tip to skewer semi-hard cheese. It’s also a nice way of saying, “You should entertain at your house next time!”

4. The Obligatory Teacher Gift

Problem: Your go-to coffee gift card is getting tired and you want to shake it up with something a little more refined without seeming like a teacher’s pet.

Solution: Paddywax Apothecary Candles

Not only are the scents of these candles intoxicating, they’re hand-poured into vintage-inspired apothecary bottles. Once each has burned through the candle, the bottle is pretty enough to use as a small vase. They’re also handmade in Nashville, Tennessee.

5: The Parent Gift

Problem: Somehow picking the joint sibling gift for your parents falls on you every year. Fend off the phone calls from dad that start with questions like, “Which remote turns the TV on?” with this gift.

Solution: Amazon Echo

So easy to use, even mom and dad can’t mess it up. Hands-free voice control lets Alexa hear you from across the room even when music is playing. They can play their favorite songs, get the weather and more — they just have to ask. So they don’t have to ask you.

6. The Foodie Gift

Problem: You’re invited to a cocktail party and want to bring something truly unique. But these friends happen to be the food-obsessed types [Link to food gift guide] who seem to have every spice, sauce and condiment known to man.

Solution: Mitica Truffle Honey

They’ve got artisan honey, they’ve got truffles. But truffle honey? That’s something you don’t see every day. Award-winning acacia honey is combined with shavings of Umbrian black truffles for a sweet, earthy addition to any cheese plate. Get a jar for yourself, too.

7. The Office Secret Santa Gift

Problem: A potentially anxiety-inducing event is upon you: Secret Santa! You need a gift for Kathy, who sends you links to meditation videos and regularly expounds on the benefits of chicory root.

Solution: Whole Foods Market Travel Fan Diffuser with Whole Foods Market 100% Essential Oils

This compact diffuser can be easily tucked into a suitcase or purse and operates by USB cable or battery. Add a few drops of essential oil, and the Kathy in your life can enjoy serenity on-the-go. Choose from a huge variety of oils, including wintry scents: refreshing Crisp Winter Air, Cozy Campfire to comfort, energizing Merry Mint and Frosted Forest to get grounded.

8. The Stocking Stuffer for a Too-Cool Teen

Problem: You need a stocking stuffer for a picky teenager who says they are “too cool for stockings.” Looks like the usual socks and hand sanitizer won’t cut it this year.

Solution: Whole Foods Market Cotton Cupra Collection Facial Masks

No one’s too cool for a spa night in. Single-use face masks in varieties like Soothing Avocado and Hydrating Coconut have extra high liquid retention so the serum stays on your face — plus no rinsing, just rub it right in!

9. The All-Purpose Gift

Problem: You’re determined to plan ahead this year and be the ultimate holiday hero. To stave off emergency gifting moments, you want something on-hand that works in almost any situation that anyone would appreciate and enjoy. 

Solution: Whole Foods Market Body Scrub & Body Butter Duo 

Everyone showers! (Hopefully.) This set is way more luxurious than your average soap and will leave your gift recipient feeling totally pampered. Plus, the duo comes in some favorite seasonal scents: Lemon Chiffon, Vanilla Chai and Pomegranate. Universal gifting, solved. Even for your little brother who usually only has hand soap in his shower.

10. The Parting Gift

Problem: You’d like to give everyone a little parting gift after your holiday party this year. You’re thinking something sweet, but you don’t have the energy to bake yet another batch of cookies.

Solution: 365 Everyday Value Dark Chocolate Bark.

This stuff is good. Really, really good. And they’re limited edition — so grab them while you can. It comes in two delicious flavors: Peppermint & Quinoa Dark Chocolate Bark and Holiday S’Mores Dark Chocolate Bark. Make it feel personal by putting the bark pieces in little seasonally-decorated bags. 

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