24 Ways of Treating Yourself All December

24 Ways to Treat Yourself All December

December is traditionally a month of giving to other people, but what about you? You deserve treats as well. Here’s our holiday countdown of 24 ways for you to celebrate YOU. (Hot tip: Do one a day up until December 25 … you know, like an Advent calendar. )

1. Vosges Haut-Chocolat Chocolate Bars

A notch above the chocolate you snack on the rest of the year. Satisfy your holiday cravings with a bar of Peppermint Candy Cane, or take your palate on an adventure by breaking into a bar studded with dried cherries and Manchego cheese. Yeah, we said it — cheese. 

2. 5th & Bowie Cabernet Sauvignon

Almost everything’s better once it’s gone through an extended aging period in bourbon barrels … like bourbon. But also this dense, ripe, flavorful cabernet sauvignon from Paso Robles with smooth, silky caramel and vanilla flavors. It’s seriously good, but not serious enough that you can’t pair it with a cheesy holiday movie. 

3. Whole Foods Market Take and Bake Pizza

Any pizza is a personal pizza if you want it to be. Share, don’t share, it’s totally up to you. But this we know for sure — hot, cheesy, bubbly, freshly baked pizza is the best solo dinner date you could ask for in 20 minutes or less. Pick it up from the Prepared Foods department.

4. Paddywax Candles

A little hygge (a.k.a. the art of feeling cozy) can go a long way. Zone out and meditatively study a candle’s flickering light. Or don’t — and let scents like Vetiver + Cardamom help you breathe through the holiday hustle. 

5. Whole Foods Market Face Mask Sets

Sure, face masks can be an amazing gift to your skin. But they’re really the gift of lying back and doing nothing but breathing in and out for 10 – 40 minutes. Moisture-packed serums and glowy skin are a plus. 

6. Raaka Organic Chocolate Bars

Raaka Organic Chocolate is for when you have an absolute need for a timeless pairing — bold chocolate flavor and your favorite book. 

7. Mitica Truffle Honey + Parmigiano-Reggiano

When you need to power through a marathon gift-wrapping session, clear a little room on your table for a sweet and savory snack. Truffle honey and Parmigiano-Reggiano are the best pairing since hot cocoa and marshmallows.

8. 365 Everyday Value Almondmilk Berry Chantilly Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

Sometimes cake is the only answer. Unless it’s also a decadent frozen dessert. When you open a pint of Berry Chantilly Cake (Are there other cakes with a cult following?), you don’t have to choose.

9. Whole Foods Market 100% Essential Oil Seasonal Blends

Not feeling so holiday-y? Don’t worry about it. Add a few drops of Energizing Merry Mint or Comforting Cozy Campfire to your diffuser, and your home can feel festive for you.

10. Spirito d’Italia Pinot Grigio

It’s known as a party wine, so grab the crab and artichoke dip, chips and guac and queso. (Inviting anybody else is totally optional.) 

11. 365 Everyday Value Peppermint Whipped Topping

Peppermint. Whipped. Cream. The world’s greatest gift to hot chocolate. Or to you, by the spoonful.

12. Whole Foods Market Body Scrub & Body Butter Duos

Come in from the snow flurries and abrasive winter winds. Peel off the layers of pants and coats and boots and scarves and that pom-pom-topped hat. Jump in a steamy shower with Vanilla Chai Scrub, followed by moisturizing Vanilla Chai Body Butter. It’s sweatpants time.

13. Pacha Froth Bombs

Can’t get enough snow? Throw a Pacha Let it Snow Froth Bomb into the tub. Breathe in crisp peppermint and woodsy balsam fir. Breathe out wishes for a white winter.  

14. Whole Foods Market Brandy Caramel Swirl Italian Gelato

 Finally, a nightcap you can eat with a spoon, lying down. (This product contains no alcohol, but that’s what your imagination’s for.) 

15. Whole Foods Market Cookie Bar 

What’s better than cookies? A whole tin of cookies you didn’t have to bake yourself … that you can have all to yourself. 

16. 365 Everyday Value Almondmilk Barrel Aged Spirits Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts

Cherry Bourbon, Salted Pecan Bourbon, Irish Whiskey Salted Caramel. Three more reasons to opt out of a work-related happy hour. (These products contain no alcohol.) 

17. 365 Everyday Value Organic Hot Cocoa

Pondering. Wondering. Wishing. Slowing down. Reminiscing about your high-school crush.

Five things that always seems to happen when you get behind a mug of hot cocoa. 

18. Isigny Ste-Mère Bonhomme Brie

There’s a little jolly man on the package of every container. Ever wonder how he got that way? One word: Brie. 

19. Pacha Whipped Soap & Scrub 

Exfoliating and cleansing, all in one step. Looks like a tub of frosting and leaves your skin feeling just as delicious. You deserve this.

20. Whole Foods Market Organic Chocolate Truffles

Just one tender, melt-in-your-mouth nugget is enough to make you close your eyes in a state of bliss. It’s up to you what you want to do with the rest of the box.

21. OLLY Restful Sleep Gummies

One of the ultimate ways to treat yourself well — in gummy form.

22. evanhealy Facial Tonic HydroSoul

Quite possibly the most special water you’ll ever find — a beauty holy grail when it comes to making your skin feel refreshed. It’s also your secret to pulling off a dewy look in the dead of winter. 

23. Grace Hale Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

It’s late at night, everything is quiet and you’re surrounded by twinkling lights with a glass of bubbly from New Zealand. Suddenly, everything is sparkly and magical, and we’re not talking about the tinsel.

24. Weleda Skin Food

Your hands have been through so much — scribbling holiday cards, hanging lights, cutting paper snowflakes, hand-stamping homemade wrapping paper with halves of potatoes. Or maybe you’ve just been busy trying to juggle the DVR remote and shards of peppermint bark. We know — it’s tough. That’s why the thickest, creamiest hand cream exists.

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