6 Cocktails and Punches for Holiday Brunch

Ciders, Sparklers, Eggnog and More

3 Must-Try Brunch Cocktails

Sure, mimosas and Bloody Marys are always delicious at brunch. But why not try shaking it up for the holidays with these recipes that are festive and flavorful, not to mention simple?

1. Cider 75

In this clever take on a French 75 (a classic cocktail made with gin and Champagne), hard cider lends a kiss of apple to a fizzy mix of honey, lemon juice and dry sparkling wine. This light, refreshing elixir is the perfect accompaniment to aged cheeses, charcuterie and other holiday appetizers. Get the Recipe >

2. Cardamom-Carrot Sparkling Cocktails

Give your cocktail routine a wake up! Sweet carrot juice and floral cardamom pods create a refreshing spin on a mimosa. Mix a big batch of the juice and syrup ahead of time in a pitcher, then top off with sparkling wine before serving. Get the Recipe >

3. Clementine Crush Sparkling Cocktail

Thanks to the vibrant flavors of clementines (or satsumas if you prefer), cranberries and fresh rosemary, this pitcher full of sparkling wine-based cocktails is prime for winter celebrations. Use a vegetable peeler to remove the clementine zest in large pieces for the chopping and twists. Get the Recipe >

3 Must-Try Brunch Mocktails

Mastering mocktails is just as fun and tasty as cocktails. New to mocktails? Get to know them and then sip on one of these:

1. Apple-Pomegranate Fizz

This festive drink is easy to prepare for a crowd. To satisfy everyone, consider making one batch with nonalcoholic sparkling cider and the other with hard cider. Get the Recipe >

2. Cranberry Eggnog

This sweetly thick and rich eggnog drink is brightened with fresh, tart cranberries. Add a generous splash of brandy, bourbon or rum if you like. Get the Recipe >

3. Honeyed Beet Sparklers

These bright and beautiful drinks lend an air of festivity to any occasion. If store-bought beet juice isn’t available, purée canned beets in a blender until smooth, then strain through a fine-mesh strainer. Just replace the sparkling wine with sparkling water. Get the Recipe >

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