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Your Ultimate Holiday Baking Shopping List

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The only thing better than the holiday season is the holiday baking. Let’s just tell it how it is. It’s finally time to set your ovens and stock your pantries for the festive winter evenings with loved ones. We’ve got all the essential components to meet special diet needs and take your baking skills to the next level — no hydrogenated fats, high-fructose corn syrup, and no bleached or bromated flour in sight. Power up your peppermint diffusers and put some marshmallows on that hot chocolate, we’re about to get into the mix:

365 Everyday Value Almond Flour

Almonds are flour, too. Especially when they’re almond flour. Swap this slightly nuttier-tasting flour for your go-to all-purpose in any recipe. Hint hint: Hello, gluten-free pancakes.

365 Everyday Value Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Chocolate chip cookies are for all, finally. This gluten-free mix makes it easy to whip up some incredibly delicious chocolate chip cookies. Your guests will be impressed, but you might even impress yourself. Plus, that “cookies are baking” aroma that’ll fill your house may just be the most welcoming scent you could imagine.

365 Everyday Value Brownie Mix

Though there is never a wrong time for brownies, there’s no better time for them than in the cold winter months. This mix makes for a quick brownie batter — the only truly difficult part will be waiting for them to come out of the oven. Patience is a wintertime virtue, as it turns out.

365 Everyday Value Frosting Mix

The icing on the cake. Stir up some of our chocolate or vanilla frosting and take your cupcakes to new heights — literally. Drop in some non-FD&C food coloring or keep it as white as the mountain snow, whatever frosts your red velvet.

365 Everyday Value Decorating Sugars

Because we eat with the eyes first. Make your baking sparkle with non-FD&C color green, yellow and blue decorating sugars, sure to catch eyes and add a little sweetness.

365 Everyday Value Fair Trade Cane Sugar

Sugar is to baking what water is to life: extremely necessary. This sugar is fair trade, which benefits not only your baking, but the people who grow this sugar, too.

365 Everyday Value Semi-Sweet Baking Chips

Semi-sweet, just like you. Simply because you both have that punch of a deep richness that couldn’t be mistaken for sweetness if we tried. Add some of these to your cookies and scones, and watch your baking elevate right before your eyes.

Tie these products together with a nice little bow and you have an essential set of baking supplies for the holiday season — and you can even put them on your shopping list on the Whole Foods Market app. Now you get to pick out who gets the privilege of eating them. With that in mind: Put a few aside for us, perhaps?

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