How to Build a Cheese Board

Picks, Pairings and Serving Tips for a Masterfully Made Board

Choose the Cheese

Look for contrasts in color (light to dark), texture (oozy to firm) and flavor (tangy and fresh to savory and earthy). Three to four different cheeses are plenty — plan for about 1 to 2 ounces of cheese per guest. And don’t forget to chat with our cheesemongers — they love talking cheese.

What to Pick: Dark & Oozy

Mons Époisses
Decadent mouthfeel. Buttery.
Pair with: Marcona almonds, rustic bread.

What to Pick: Crumbly & Tangy

Rogue Creamery
Organic Enraptured Blue
Piquant. Fruity aromatics. You can only find it in our stores.
Pair with: Walnuts, cherry spread.

What to Pick: Firm & Earthy

Emmi Roth
Organic Grand Cru Reserve Nutty. Sweet. Umami lingers.
Pair with: Pink Lady apple slices, hazelnuts, Vincenza’s Salami, candied orange.

Add Pairings

Serve both bread and crackers — different textures enhance the experience. Savory additions like olives and roasted nuts are key as are seasonal fruits. Bonus points for adding cured meats or artisanal honey!

Serve It Up

Unwrap and arrange!your cheeses about an hour before serving. This “breathing time” brings out wonderful aromatics and nuances. Prepare the pairings just before serving. Label each cheese and the pairings, too. Try serving on a rustic butcher board or a slab of natural stone.

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