How to Host an Unforgettable New Year's Eve Party

Eats, Drinks and Décor to Celebrate 2018

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party? It’s easier than you might think. We’ve gathered the best tips, from essential time-savers to glam décor, so that you can get the party started with less stress. Cheers to easy entertaining!

The Food

  • We’ll cook, you feast. If you’re looking to party without the stress of cooking, order party-ready platters and festive appetizers from your local Whole Foods Market. Feel free to take all the credit. (We won’t tell!) 
  • Good luck foods. Many cultures around the world associate specific foods with bringing good luck in the new year. Mix in “fortune foods” like noodles, whole fish, lentils, grapes and leafy greens into your menu for a fun twist. 
  • Dinner party to the max. If you’re not quite feeling the appetizers and cocktails vibe, invite a small group of friends over for a multicourse meal. Print menus, set an elegant table and dress up in your finest. Even better, let us cook the whole thing.

The Drinks

  • Bubbly, of course. Pick up a few bottles of bubbly from your local Whole Foods Market store to celebrate. Check out our Master Sommelier’s top six picks to find the right selections for the big countdown.
  • DIY sparkling bar. Fizzy festivities are the best! Stock up on sparkling wine, sparkling cider and sparkling water — and then set out colorful juices like pomegranate, pink grapefruit and blood orange with cut slices of citrus for a mix-and-match cocktail and mocktail bar.
  • Wine and cheese tasting. For something elegant and easy, plan a wine tasting and serve a simple cheese plate alongside it — try ordering one online from our collection of party-ready platters. If you need advice on pairings, ask one of our team members for help.
  • A party punch. If you’re hoping to spend more time mingling with your guests than mixing craft cocktails for everyone, make a big batch of punch instead. Might we recommend Fresh Cranberry Punch?

The Décor

  • Centerpieces. Arrange small shiny spherical ornaments in glass flutes to look like glitzy glasses of bubbly, or bring the outside in with a DIY arrangement of pine needles, holly, pinecones and small branches.
  • Flowers. Pretty up the place with fresh fall bouquets from our floral department.
  • Table runner. Use festive wrapping paper as a table runner or opt for brown kraft paper for a more rustic look.


  • Dancing. Create a playlist of the year’s best dance songs — or go back in time with one-hit-wonders from the past several decades.
  • Wishing tree. Place several small branches in an upright arrangement in a vase. Then, get some plain gift tags, punch a hole in each one and string a small bit of yarn through them to make hanging ornaments. Leave pens by tags for guests to write down their hopes for the next year, and ask them to attach their wishes to the branches.
  • Hat making table. Making party hats is an ideal craft for kids — or kids at heart. Lay out construction paper, leftover holiday wrapping paper, colorful tissue and ribbons. Give out a prize for the most over-the-top hat.

Hosting a lot this season? Check out Kristen Bell’s top 7 party tips for more holiday entertaining secrets, tricks and hacks.

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