It’s All About the Apps: A Spread Everyone Will Love

It’s All About the Apps: A Spread Everyone Will Love

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Fact: It’s all about the apps. A crowd-pleasing appetizer spread mixes sweet with savory, combines a whole bunch of textures, tastes and color, offers options for a range of dietary needs and throws in a few unexpected surprises (did someone say cornichons?) Here are some of our party-ready favorites to help you nail it:

Whole Foods Market Brie Bites With Mostarda

What’s better than rich, creamy Brie? Brie complemented by a sweet, tangy mostarda sauce and wrapped in flaky golden pastry. An ideal combo of creamy and crunchy with a kick, these Brie bites are always the life of the party platter — and yes, they go quickly.

Whole Foods Market Artichoke Kale and Swiss Chard Bites

Consider this a grown-up twist on the classic pairing of spinach and artichoke, in one-bite form. Our version is turned up a notch with hearty winter greens like kale and Swiss chard, and better yet — they’re the ideal size and shape for finger-food snacking.

Whole Catch Maryland-Style Mini Crab Cakes

These mini crab cakes, made with sustainable wild-caught crab and panko bread crumbs, are frozen, ready to cook and simple to prepare. They’re also fancy enough to serve as a passed appetizer at your next get-together.

365 Everyday Value Assorted Entertainment Crackers

A delicious dip or great cheese calls for an equally good cracker. This assortment has enough variety for any pairing, from thin, crisp wafers perfect for bold cheeses to buttery crackers that can hold their own with creamy dips or charcuterie.

365 Everyday Value Organic Mini Toasts

These tiny, crunchy toasts, made with organic bread, are the (literal) bread and butter of a good cheese board. Use them as vehicles for cheeses and dips or as a base for individual crostini.

Mary’s Gone Crackers Original

Gluten free and vegan, these crisp, crunchy crackers made with rice, quinoa and seeds are true crowd-pleasers (plus, it’s always smart to offer a variety of dietary options for your guests). We love them on their own, but their nutty flavor is especially great with hummus or fig jam.

Flackers Organic Flax Seed Crackers

Another crowd-friendly option (they’re gluten-free, vegan, paleo-friendly and kosher), Flackers are made with organic flaxseed. Don’t let the simplicity fool you: With flavors like dill, rosemary and tomato basil, these snack crackers have some serious flavor

365 Everyday Value Extra Fine Cornichons

You know that sweet and savory make a great contrast — but a little zap of acidity will really round out the variety on your snack board. These tiny, French-style pickles aren’t just cute; their sweet-tart taste and satisfying crunch balances out the richness of cheese or charcuterie. Serve them in a jar or speared with toothpicks on a plate.

Cypress Grove Midnight Moon

The advantage of serving an award-winning cheese isn’t just that it’s delicious; it’s also a conversation starter. With deep flavors of browned butter and caramel, this smooth, slightly grainy aged cheese is sure to get your guests talking.

Rogue Creamery Organic Oregon Blue Reserve

Mellow, earthy and even a bit fruity, Oregon Blue (another award winner!) is a little more subdued and nuanced than your standard blue cheese: You’ll find notes of berry and nut, which lend themselves well to a crisp cracker or compote.

La Quercia Salami Americano

For meat-eaters, good charcuterie is a must on any snack board. You can’t go wrong with a peppery, rich salami, like La Quercia’s garlicky, peppery Salami Americano. Thinly slice it ahead of time to make it easier for guests to enjoy without fumbling for a knife; you can arrange the rounds in layers to win some points for presentation.

365 Everyday Value Everything Pastry Mini Hot Dogs

Mini hot dogs are standard fare for most get-togethers, but a flaky everything pastry (yes, like an everything bagel) and no synthetic nitrates or nitrites take it up a notch. Mini hot dogs, meet Thanksgiving 2018.

Whole Foods Market Traditional Panettone

Why wait for Christmas to break out the panettone? This panettone is made with butter, sweet candied orange peels and raisins — and you can taste the sweetness in every bite. And yes, you can totally serve it on an appetizer plate.

Constructing the perfect appetizer spread may seem like a fine art, but we’ve made it a cinch: you can find all of the above fixings at your local Whole Foods Market. Cheers, and happy snacking!

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