5 Ways to Take Your Food to The Next Level

It's Not Just a Leftover, It’s an Encore: 5 Ways to Take Your Food to The Next Level

Sure, Thanksgiving ends after Thursday night, but there’s still turkey. And green beans. And mashed potatoes. And … you get the idea. But before you layer a combo of holiday vestiges onto thick wedges of sourdough or slices of toasted rye, consider this very real truth: Leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving. Yeah, you heard us. Consider them an encore of the main event, if you will. So save some stomach real estate for Friday — these five ideas are worth trying.

1. Turkey Pho-Style Soup

Try a twist on this Vietnamese dish by adding some turkey. This turkey pho-style soup is loaded with herbs, chiles and spices (a.k.a. a whole lot of flavor). See how to do it here.

2. Day-After-Thanksgiving Pizza

Talk about the ultimate way to satisfy a whole bunch of cravings. Take everything-but-the-kitchen-sink that you didn’t eat and pile it on a pizza. Yes, really: That means roasted Brussels sprouts, turkey, cranberry sauce and more. See how to take this recipe to maximum deliciousness here.

3. Turkey, Cranberry and Brie Crêpes

Why have a typical sandwich when you can have a crêpe (a thin French pancake) instead? Plus, if you’ve got turkey and cranberry sauce on hand, you’re a few minutes away from this simple crêpe with creamy melted Brie. To make, arrange your ideal amount of turkey, sliced Brie and cranberry sauce on one half of the pancake (use a Whole Foods Market Crêpe). Fold the crêpe in half and then in half again. Bake your crêpe in a 350°F oven just until the Brie melts. Swap cranberry for grainy mustard if you’re in the mood for something more savory.

4. Turkey Mole Tacos

Taco night never looked better. First, simmer pulled, cooked turkey in your favorite mole sauce, like Frontera Oaxacan Red Chile Mole Sauce or Sky Valley Mole Sauce. Then start layering your taco. Add turkey and shredded Oaxacan cheese to your taco. Finely dice some onion (and peppers and tomatoes, if you’d like) and mince a handful of cilantro to pile on top.

5. Green Onion and Potato Pancakes

We’ve got brunch covered: Thinly slice green onions and add to a bowl of leftover mashed potatoes, then crack an egg into the mix and add a generous sprinkling of flour before mixing it all together. Form ping-pong size balls of the potato mixture and then flatten into a pancake shape. Dredge each pancake in a bit of flour and arrange in a skillet with hot oil. Cook until golden brown on each side.

If you’re feeling decadent, fold some shredded cheese into the potato mixture before cooking and serve with sour cream. And applesauce. Because what would potato pancakes be without applesauce? Serve with a side salad, and you’ve got a vegetarian-friendly meal you won’t soon forget.

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