Trend Alert: Barrel-Aged Spirits

Meet the Flavor You’ll Be Obsessed With All Season Long

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Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to spend the holidays sitting on a leather couch, wearing a flannel robe and drinking an Old Fashioned. Maybe you’d rather cozy up with ice cream out of the pint. Or maybe you’re just really into seasonal body products. No matter which type of person you are, there’s a fair chance you’ll want to dive into the holiday season’s latest trend: barrel-aged spirit flavors* — Old Fashioned glass (and booze) not included. We’re talking frozen desserts, scented lotion and more. Here’s what you’ll want to look for in stores. (That is, while they’re in stock — there’s a limited supply, so get them while you can!)

1. Smoked salmon

It’s time that smoked salmon got to be the star of your appetizer spread — barrel oak smoked salmon. Try Whole Foods Market Whisky Barrel Oak Smoked Salmon Small Batch Cold-Smoked instead of traditional nova when you’re creating your spread for your guests. It’ll help you up your street (couch?) cred as a host: It’s smoked on an open fire using whiskey barrels, deepening the flavor profile of the salmon itself. Oh — and the salmon’s Responsibly Farmed. So, yeah, the stuff holiday app dreams (because we have those) are made of.

2. Hand soap and hand sanitizer

Did you always dream of being the kind of host that has seasonal hand soaps in their bathroom? Now’s your chance: Stock up on 365 Everyday Value Vanilla Bourbon Foaming Hand Soap and voilà: Your dream is fulfilled. Take the scent with you while you’re on the go by picking up 365 Everyday Value Vanilla Bourbon Hand Sanitizer.  It smells so warm and sweet, you’ll be tempted to hold your hands up to your nose all day long. But try to resist from doing that all day long … because that’s kind of weird.

3. Non-Dairy Dessert

Another place you’ll be able to get some barrel-aged flavors this season? Dessert. Try 365 Everyday Value Salted Pecan Bourbon Almondmilk Non-Dairy Dessert, 365 Everyday Value Cherry Bourbon Almondmilk Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert and 365 Everyday Value Irish Whiskey Salted Caramel Almondmilk Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert. All three are gluten-free and dairy-free, so in addition to flakes of chocolate, buttery salted caramel swirls and bright cherries, everyone will be singing your praises all the way home. They have just the right amount of spirit flavoring in each of them to pair wonderfully with a little coffee or an aperitif. Call it bourbon with a sweet tooth.

4. Gelato

If you want to lean into caramel and brandy flavors, try the Whole Foods Market Brandy Caramel Swirl Italian Gelato. It has a swirl of salted caramel in it for good measure. (Sorry, folks who pass on dairy — this one has dairy.)

5. Lotion

Keep a warm feeling going with 365 Everyday Vanilla Bourbon Value Maximum Body Lotion, which comes in both a bottle and a small tube, so you can take it with you no matter where you’re celebrating the holidays. This time, you’ll be tempted to smell your arms all day long. And while that’s still a little weird, we totally get the sentiment: You’ll be able to indulge in some warm holiday scents no matter the day. After all, shouldn’t every day feel like a holiday? (Yes, it should.)

*Products do not contain alcohol.

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