Top 10 Cookies for Every Occasion

Sweets to Bring to Friendsgiving, Cookie Swaps and Beyond

Cookies are the best, aren’t they? From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, they’re the essential handheld treat for every holiday festivity. So whether you’re passing around a plate of sweets at work, a dinner party or the Thanksgiving table, here’s the go-to cookie recipe for every scenario:

1. Friendsgiving

It’s a gorgeous, tender favorite covered with a festive snowfall of confectioners’ sugar: Mexican Tea Cookies, made with your choice of either pecans or almonds. They’re also excellent for boxing up and giving as gifts.

2. Thanksgiving

You can’t go wrong with these Festive Garland Bars, featuring cranberries for holiday flavor and an unconventional ingredient for fantastic crunch: popcorn!

3. Cookie Swap

Ah, the cookie swap: It’s a hallowed tradition that brings friends and bakers together to munch, trade and celebrate all things cookie. Wow everyone with this recipe for Goat Cheese Sandies with Cranberry and Orange, a sweet-tart take on classic butter cookies. They’re ideal partners for everything from coffee and eggnog to Champagne and cocktails.

4. Host Gifts

Make up a few jars of these aromatic Gingersnap Cookies, a super-easy mix that’s filled with holiday flavor.

5. Cookie Decorating Parties

Cue the holiday music: Rolling and baking a batch of Classic Sugar Cookie or using a store-bought ready-to-bake dough is ideal for getting into the spirit. Want a decorating hack? Brush unbaked cookies with beaten egg, then sprinkle with brightly colored decorating sugar for super sparkle; look for sugars featuring vegetable colorants, not artificial dyes.

6. Gluten-Free Treats

Who doesn’t need a go-to gluten-free cookie recipe? Fragrant Spiced Peanut Butter Cookies are a hit thanks to their holiday blend of cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg.

7. Great to Make with Kids

With some make-ahead jars of Holiday Oatmeal Cookie Mix, you and your family can whip up a batch of fresh cookies for any holiday event.

8. Cookies for Santa

Sugar, spice and everything nice: Yes, we’re talking Classic Gingerbread Cookies. They’re the gold standard for leaving out for Kris Kringle, plus they make great tree ornaments.

9. Hanukkah Gatherings

Tender, flavorful rugelach are favorites for Hanukkah and eggnog parties and big hits at cookie swaps. Fig Rugelach are easy to make and packed with flavor. Or pick up classic rugelach from your local Whole Foods Market bakery, place them on a platter and dust them lightly with confectioners’ sugar or cocoa powder.

10. New Year’s Parties

Ring in 2018 with these Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Peppermint Frosting. They’re elegant enough for cocktail parties or a special buffet and great to make with kids. Shortcut alert: Use premade cookie dough, then just whip up a batch of the frosting.

Mixing and Baking Not Your Thing?

Don’t fret: We’ve got prepared cookies that are big on flavor and low on prep, or visit your closest Whole Foods Market to pick up some ready-made dough to jump-start your next oven-fresh batch of goodness.

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